Front Desk® Patient Booking Gateway

Your 24/7 Receptionist

A smart digital receptionist that considers the decision points of admin staff to book valid individual and group appointments. It's designed to work side-by-side with staff in busy practices and includes features that prevent double bookings. Patients can also be given the option to cancel and reschedule their appointments based on your practice policies, at any time of the day.

Made for Front Desk®

All the advanced appointment book features in Front Desk, including practitioner days, appointment book rules, appointment types with per practitioner intervals and new patient restrictions are considered. There's no need to pre-reserve times for online bookings, which means that appointment slots are never wasted. With tight integration to the patient file, a patient's upcoming appointments, preferred practitioner, group class restrictions and linked family members are taken into consideration.

Protects Patient and Practice Privacy

Your patient and booking data is stored only in your system and is not shared with any third-parties, including Smartsoft, which means that it cannot be misused. By offering appointment times to patients in a controlled manner, appointment book privacy is maintained, and website visitors won't be able to gauge how busy your practice is.

Your Brand Remains the Focus

Customised with your logo and colour scheme to promote and build your brand, not the brand of a third-party booking service. Your patients won't receive emails advertising the services of other health professionals, and they won't be asked to complete surveys following their appointment.

Patient Booking Gateway