System Requirements:
Front Desk Practice Management System®

The following is a list of the recommended hardware and software required to run Front Desk®. Please note Front Desk should run on computers with lower specifications, however performance may be affected.



Intel Core i5 Processor (or better)
Minimum 8GB RAM

Operating System:

Windows 10 (Pro/Enterprise)
Windows 11 (Pro/Enterprise)
Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016/2019

Hosting Options:

Cloud hosting, Terminal Services and Citrix Environments

Please note these are recommendations to run the Front Desk® software alone. When purchasing new hardware you may need to scale these specifications to accommodate your intended usage and additional software requirements.

Backup Options

USB flash drives (8GB or larger)
External hard drive
NAS drive
Cloud Backup

Additional Software (optional)

Microsoft Outlook®
Microsoft Word®
Microsoft Excel®

Please note 'Starter' and 'Online' editions of Microsoft Office® are not supported for integration.


Laser Printer
A5 paper supported


A broadband internet connection is required for helpdesk support, software training and SMS/email functionality within Front Desk®. If you are accessing Front Desk through a cloud environment or database hosting additional internet requirements may apply.