Front Desk® Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare & DVA Online Claiming

Front Desk 2013 - Practice Management System includes support for integrated Medicare/DVA online claiming. This functionality allows for highly efficient Medicare and Department of Veteran Affairs Allied Health claiming, but is reliant on the correct entry of information into the patient file and meeting Medicare/DVA requirements.

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iCalendar Integration

It is possible to export a practitioner’s Front Desk appointment book in iCalendar format, which allows it to be shared with iCalendar compatible applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

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SMS Templates

Front Desk SMS can be used for more than appointment reminders alone. By integrating the SMS features into the reports of Front Desk, you can send targeted SMS to individual contacts or groups within your system.

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MailChimp Integration

Front Desk’s MailChimp integration allows you to upload your client list to MailChimp, and keep it in sync with changes to Front Desk patient files. Front Desk also allows you to produce subgroups of this list (called segments) by using the standard Front Desk reports.

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